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Hey there! We're Astral. We're building a new kind of Discord bot.

Astral uses state-of-the-art technology to create and host custom Discord bots.

Meet the Team
Jack Jack he/him Founder & DevOps Lead Boston, MA, USA Jack is the founder and Lead Developer of Astral. He enjoys programming and gaming in his free time. He is currently attending college in New England.
Luke Luke he/him Head of Operations UK Luke is the Head of Operations at Astral.
Our Tech Stack

We use a multitude of technologies to develop Astral:

astro Astro Astro powers all of our websites using Serverside Rendering and Static Site Generation.
tailwindcss TailwindCSS We use TailwindCSS to style our components and pages.
go Go We use Go to power our bots and API.
supabase Supabase Our central database that powers our various services.
docker Docker Helps us run our services on our many servers.
googlecloud GCP Cloud Build Builds our various Docker images on every push.
stripe Stripe Processes payments for our services.
cloudflare Cloudflare Protects our websites from DDOS attacks, also hosts some webpages. Cloudflare also handles our load balancing.
Infrastructure We currently primarily use Vultr servers.

Have any questions about our tech stack? Send us an email at [email protected]

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